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Although “TANDE” means to “listen” or “hear” in Haitian Creole, it’s far more than just music! This revolutionary Platform will bring you The Best in Media & Entertainment.

A Spectacular Mixture of:
* Music
* Videos
* Movies
* TV Shows
* Live Events
* Podcast
* News
* Events
* & More

Although some features won’t be available from the very beginning, we will be making updates constantly. The future of Tande is very promising, stay tuned for more! Don’t miss out on anything, download, and stream for FREE.

As of right now, we are starting with just the mobile app! But no worries, in the near future more software such as a website, desktop app, and more will be available for your convenience. Join the newsletter on our website to get all the updates.

HT STREAM MEDIA GROUP LLC and its Partners own all the rights to its products such as the Tande App and merchandise related to the Tande App. HT STREAM MEDIA GROUP LLC along with its partners are responsible for all contents displayed on our platform such as music and video available for streaming on the application. For any concerns or questions please reach out to us. Until then we would like to welcome you to the TANDE family! 

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