Established in 2020, HT STREAM Media Group is a Miami based company that strives to become a major source of Media & Entertainment in the online streaming industry. Our main goal is to gather and distribute Quality Content to and from the West Indies. With our platform, we hope to unite people all across the globe, especially those living far from home. The HT STREAM journey starts with a streaming application named “TANDE”. 


Although “TANDE” means to “listen” or “hear” in creole, it’s far more than just music! This revolutionary app, will bring you The Best of Media & Entertainment: A Spectacular Trio of Music, Videos & Shows. But that’s not all of it, HT STREAM as a company also plans on bringing more to its people. The future is very promising, stay tuned for more! Don’t miss out on anything, join our subscriber’s list today!

HT Stream Media Group & Partners owns all the rights to its products such as the Tande App and merchandises related to the Tande App. HT STREAM along with its partners are responsible for all contents displayed on our platform such as music and video available for streaming on the application. In case of any concern or questions, feel free to reach out to us. Until then we would like to Welcome you to the family! Subscribe, Stream, Download & Enjoy!

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